our story


"The Collective" is a classic rock, blues , country, and r&b band from the mountains of North Carolina. We are the metamorphosis and the culmination of over 20 years of playing music here in the high country of North Carolina. Over the years the band has had many different names and many different members under the direction of our band leader David Calvert. Our name suits us well as we are product of our 20 some years of experience. we play over 300 covers and have a substantial book of originals. Our shows are never the same and we play a variety of venues. We do concerts, weddings, country clubs, festivals, private parties, wineries, breweries, and honky-tonks.

     The band members all have musical influences that start in the 1950's like Chuck Barry and Elvis. The 1960's bring in Beach Boys, stones, and Beatles. The 1970's introduce The Allman brothers, southern rock styles. Each decade brings in its own influences. We don't have a favorite song or style. Perhaps our name "The Collective" matches our unique ability to perform well at all venues!

     We have five members that include David Calvert; band leader, lead guitar,key boards,and lead singer. Drummer; David Cox. On harmonica, percussion, and back up vocals is Pat McConkey.  On bass guitar and back up vocals is Randy Buchanan. Lead vocalist is the lovely Jen Calvert. Our band is noted for our beautiful four part harmonies. Venue depending, we have a sax player and other musicians that we can bring in for the occassion.